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September 27, 2009
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It is the night of Halloween,
when you can meet a witch
with her pet, a cat,
hanging out with a ghost.
Both have a good laugh
making children scream.

Until a piercing scream
on the night of Halloween
stops people laughing
and drives away the witch,
followed by the ghost,
leaving behind a bewildered cat.

And what should do a cat,
knowing nothing about screams,
not believing in ghosts -
not even on the night of Halloween -
left behind by her witch,
not in the mood to laugh?

Since there is nothing to laugh
about when you are a lonely cat,
missing your witch,
who was scared away with scream.
There is no meaning in Halloween,
when you're not even a ghost.

The night is ghostly,
without laughter,
on this night of Halloween.
And the world is free of cats
and people stopped screaming
at the sight of a witch.

That's why you see a witch
so sad with her friend's ghost.
They can't make people scream
any more, only laugh,
and she lost her cat
on the night of Halloween.

The witch does not laugh
As she walks with the ghost of her cat
which went with a scream on the night of Halloween.
This is my first sestina, practicing for a contest: [link]
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Mondsplitter Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I read it but I'm afraid I don't have an opinion about it.
I think I don't like poems. The content would be nice as a short story though.
GirlWithAHat Sep 27, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
:D Thanks.
Sestinas are really cruel, I think. Other poems are better, though.
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